TWP Partners

The following women owned businesses are partners to Thee Werk Place. On the same wave to help provide incredible service and quality service for your event, workshop, or pop up!

BelleRouge Photography

Wouldn't you want a creative mastermind behind the lens? Belle LOVES being both in front and behind the camera. Throughout years of booking photographers for business shoots, relationship milestones, and more, Belle has learned what makes a photoshoot successful from both sides of the spectrum.  Book with our TWP partner BelleRouge Photography for quality images of your event or workshop.

Pour Up Atlanta

Pour Up Atlanta is a full-service bar catering company.Our mission is to ensure that the client receives the highest quality service beginning in the initial consultation and event completion. By assisting in the planning and execution of your event, we will help you to tailor the right beverage package as well as organize all logistics to make your event a success!


Hailing from the Free state of Maryland; BoogieLov seamlessly intertwines her love for genre mixing and sonic fusion with the ever so evolving house and trap sound that has nuanced popular music since the early 80s. Starting in the South and trickling outward across the country, BoogieLov endears her audiences through in an unquestionable vibe that has become the essence of any party she spins. Book her to increase the vibe of your intimate event.